MPE&VCA DealShare Platform user guide and FAQ

The MPE&VCA DealShare Platform helps connect entrepreneurs to Myanmar’s leading investors. Our aim is to formalise investor referrals and by doing so increase the number of investors seeing fundraising rounds. All deals are invited by referral and checked by one of our MPE&VCA directors to ensure the highest standards.


Go to the DealShare Platform page via our website ( or directly to the DealShare Platform link: (

For Deal Creator (Companies submitting a deal)

 — Select “Submit Your Deal”
— Fill out the details of your company and the project seeking capital
— Enter your contact details and a password for the deal entry
— Either choose the person who recommended you or skip without choosing
— Select “Submit Deal”
— Your deal is submitted for review
— You will be contacted through email for a successful listing on the platform or revisions to undertake
— Go to the DealShare Platform ( ) and select “Deal Login” using your email and password
— You can review the deal you have created and edit your deal submission
— You can find a meeting request from a potential investor if received
— Choose “Accept” or “Decline” for the meeting requests received
— You can find out more information about the person sending a meeting request
— Engage in further communication with the potential investor

For Investor (MPE&VCA members who can view deals)

 — Contact MPE&VCA to get yourself signed up for the DealShare Platform
— Select “Investor Login” using your email and password provided by MPE&VCA. Change the password at a later time.
— Browse the deals from the DealShare dashboard
— Click to mark your favourite deals to have those deals appear on your investor dashboard.
— Send a meeting invitation to explore more about the deals of your preference
— Receive an acceptance or decline letter for your meeting request
— If your meeting is accepted, further communicate with the potential investee

Wishing you success in your deal sourcing journey. 


Q: Who can see the deals listed on the DealShare Platform?

A: Only MPE&VCA members registered under all types of membership categories are able to see the deals listed on the platform. You need to become a member of MPE&VCA to view the deals for free.


Q: Can companies join the platform directly by themselves?

A: Yes, they can. Follow the steps from the user guide and video tutorial for Deal Creator. If they have contact with an MPE&VCA director or member, their verbal referral to a director of MPE&VCA would help with the endorsement for the project to be approved and listed on the DealShare Platform.


Q: Is there any cost associated with listing on the platform?

A: No, companies can join the platform free of charge. Investors must still register to become an MPE&VCA member.


Q: Can professional service providers join the platform by listing a deal?

Yes, professional service providers, with the consent of the company seeking financial assistance, can act as a third party to list a deal on behalf. If the professional service provider is a member of MPE&VCA, they can either list a deal or view deals listed on the platform.


Q: I am a member of MPE&VCA but not enrolled in the investor member category but in one other category. Am I entitled to view deals on the platform?

A: Yes. All members enrolled under all different membership categories — Investors; Advisors; Overseas Investors; LPs, GPs and Grant Providers; Individuals — are entitled to login as an Investor to the DealShare Platform.


Q: How many deals can one company create and submit to be listed on the DealShare Platform?

A: A company can use one email to register and submit for only one deal. If you need to submit more than one deal, you need to use a different email to register your company and submit another deal. If you have issues submitting more than one deal on behalf of a single company, please contact MPE&VCA for assistance.


Q: How long will the deals be listed?

A: The deals will be listed until the expected results on the financial support are met, or no longer required. If the deal creator chooses to be unlisted from the platform, the DealShare Platform admin will help proceed.


Q: Does the platform guarantee a match between companies and investors?

A: Niether The DealShare Platform or MPE&VCA guarantees a deal match for the listed deals on the platform. The DealShare Platform is a platform to facilitate connections between institutional investors and companies in Myanmar raising capital. The platform facilitates the investors to identify, shortlist and connect with qualified projects that are relevant to their specific investment thesis.


Q: Does the platform guarantee data protection for the information submitted?

A: MPE&VCA members follow the member Code of Conduct in which the treatment of confidential information is prescribed as in Code four — to respect confidential information supplied to them by companies looking for private equity investment or by companies in which they have invested.


Deals and company information on the platform are treated as confidential information as that information will be visible to only MPE&VCA member firms but not to the general public.