Myint Mo Shyan announced Investment in Ezay, Strengthening Myanmar’s Rural Retail Sector

Photo: (From left to right) Mr. Hitoshi Ikeya, Investment Director at EME; Ko Kyaw Min Swe, founder and CEO of Ezay; U Dino Ku, founder of Myint Mo Shyan; and La Woon Yan, Investment Manager of EME

Myint Mo Shyan, through its holding company Samka Fund, has recently made a significant strategic equity investment into Ezay, a leading rural e-commerce company providing stock replenishment and franchise service to mom-and-pop shops in Myanmar. Myint Mo Shyan is known for its investments in the agriculture sector, especially in the Southern Shan State.

Founded in 2019, Ezay is transforming rural commerce in Myanmar, committed to promoting economic development in underserved areas through innovative solutions. With the launch of EzayConnect, a franchise-like model providing support to the mom-and-pop shops in rural Myanmar, Ezay is taking significant steps to expand its impact and reach. The strategic shift from an on-demand delivery model to a franchise-like model under EzayConnect reflects the company’s adaptability to the changing demands of the rural market. This transition aims to empower local communities, improve operational efficiency, and ensure sustainable growth in the company’s market presence.

Ezay is at the forefront of digitalizing the supply chain, providing small retail outlets with direct access to a wide range of wholesalers. This initiative not only streamlines the procurement process but also plays a crucial role in ensuring that rural areas have access to essential goods at competitive prices. Samka Fund’s investment in Ezay is expected to accelerate the platform’s growth, expand its EzayConnect model, and enhance its offerings to rural retailers across Myanmar. Ezay has recently announced its partnership with A Bank and is in the process of onboarding more partnerships with Myanmar Financial service providers to empower the rural retail industry.

U Dino Ku, a visionary entrepreneur and former banker with strong track record in the Myanmar banking industry, founded Myint Mo Shyan. U Dino Ku’s experience and commitment to the development of Myanmar’s agricultural and retail ecosystems make this investment particularly strategic.

“I have known Ko Kyaw Min Swe for many years and seeing him leading and transforming the rural retail markets are just amazing. I admire his passion and his foresight in digitalizing the supply chain. I can see immense synergy in our collaboration,” said U Dino.

Ko Kyaw Min Swe, the founder and CEO of Ezay mentioned that “The partnership between Myint Mo Shyan and Ezay represents a significant milestone in our mission to empower rural retailers and contribute to the growth of Myanmar’s economy,” “We are excited about the potential of this investment to transform the supply chain dynamics for the better, ensuring that small businesses in Myanmar have the resources they need to thrive. We are also thrilled to welcome Samka Fund as our strategic investor alongside with our existing cornerstone investors; Emerging Markets Entrepreneurs (EME) and Digisearch.”

This collaboration marks a significant step forward in leveraging technology to support Myanmar’s agricultural and retail sectors, promising a brighter future for rural communities and small businesses nationwide.