Embarking on the Private Investment Journey in Myanmar

From left to right: Ray Yee Latt Aye, Partner/COO at Delta Capital Myanmar (Moderator); Wang Li Jun
Chief Executive Officer at City Ventures; Hiroyuki Ota, Partner (Foreign Lawyer) at Rajah & Tann Singapore; and La Woon, Investment Manager at Emerging Markets Entrepreneurs Myanmar.

On  December 13, 2023, MPE&VCA held a panel discussion: Embarking on the Private Investment Journey in Myanmar”, the first of “The Private Investment Trail,” the Association’s discussions and lecture series.

The panel, composed of four individuals representing the main types of players in the investment landscape, shared insights around the concept of and ideas about investing in equity within the Myanmar context.

As a starter, the attendees — a selection of those who have an interest in equity investment — were reminded about what constitutes private equity (PE) and venture capital (VC) and the basics of these investment modes. Equity investment by PE & VC firms is an important avenue for private companies in ascending to successive stages of growth for their businesses, beneficial to all parties including companies, investors and a country’s economy, shared Ray Yee Latt Aye, partner at Delta Capital Myanmar and also the Chair of MPE&VCA.

Why invest?
For City Ventures, the private investment arm of City Holdings, whose presence in Myanmar as a corporate can be traced back over the past two decades, the purpose for investing is all about enhancing its core businesses, which fall into the consumer business space.

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